How to Enjoy Jogging in a Park?

rdHealth is wealth! Somewhere in the race of earning wealth, we leave behind the health factor. Many of us are too busy to exercise while many of us are too lazy to do it. Exercising can be done in various ways. Yoga, aerobics, gym, swimming, etc. are different forms of exercising. One of the best exercise regimes is to jog regularly. There are times wherein our mind and body feel lethargic and bored of performing these activities on daily basis. Hence what should be done in such a scenario? Here are some tips that could be immediately adopted to make jogging a fun activity.

Search for a company to jog

Company is always better when you exercise. If one has a company one is bind to jog regularly. It is indeed fun to jog with majority of people side by side. Though it is not a competition, yet one can always try and match up to the other person’s steps while jogging. Jogging with a good company is indeed motivating. Even if you don’t have a company, what better thing to have a pair of great headphones for yourself with the best music playing in your phone. The headphones should be noise cancelling though if you are surrounded by a lot of people or are in a noisy environment. Find some good ones on this website.

Try taking days off from jogging

Everyone deserves a holiday. Be it at office or any other task one is pursuing. So in case if one jogs regularly he or she can take a day off from it. One day off will not harm.

Keep enhancing

Parks are full of morning walkers. They undertake different activities like stretching exercises, yoga, etc.. Along with this, one can easily find laughing club group running actively on daily basis. Thus, in order to continue with the routine of jogging, it becomes essential for joggers to invest bit of their time to these activities as well. This would keep them energetic and ever going.

Participate in races like marathon, relay and destination race

Enroll in different type of races like marathon or then relay or then any kind of destination race. These races require lots of cross training and exercising to be able to participate. The tip is to follow a proper health and exercising regime along with extensive jogging. Even if these races do not interest, volunteer in them. The work of volunteering itself would require one to be on toes most of the time

Jog and motivate others to jog

Look out for your friends, other members in the family or relatives who are interested in jogging or running. In fact introduce them to typical type of races like marathon, relay etc. This is the way by which one can not only help and motivate others but also him or herself.


Jogging or running is one of the most fruitful forms of exercising. The benefits of jogging are many. It helps in improving cardiovascular fitness and strengthening the muscles along with maintaining one’s psychological health as well. One of the most important benefits of running is losing weight. Jogging can give you that energetic and refreshing feel. All one needs to do is be regular and have fun doing it.

Preventive Measures for SIDS

sidsSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) means the sudden death of a child into his cot or the crib. Such death is not justified by the medical history or through the detailed investigation of any such death.

With due care and attention, the SIDS can be prevented. Following points need to be considered to avoid SIDS.

1. Infants tend to cry too much due to some or the other reason. If the crying is overdone, this may sometime increase the risk of SIDS. Here, comes the USE OF PACIFIERS. With the help of a pacifiers, the child can be diverted to sleep or laugh which can reduce the crying, leading to the safe path against SIDS. One should also use a baby monitor in this case in order to keep an eye on the child every time.

2. SLEEPING POSITION OF THE INFANT is the most important thing to prevent SIDS. When the child sleeps on his back, he is more attentive and there are less risks of choking. SIDS is more prevalent with children who are in sleep. Hence it becomes vital to take care of how a child is sleeping and not turning to several harmful positions. Choosing a high quality baby monitor for your child can become a blessing at this stage.

3. AVOIDING THE USE OF SOFT MATTRESS, SOFT TOYS OR PILLOWS is crucial as this may lead to breathlessness if the infant’s face gets covered with any of these. The child should be covered so as his neck and his arms as well as his chest is open to fresh air.

4. Most infants turn positions while sleeping and USE OF SLEEPING BAGS becomes helpful in this case. Parents use the sleep bags to save their child from cold. A child is put into this sleep sack with his arms and face in the open area. Rest of the body parts are hidden inside the zip of the sleep sack. This type of sleeping pattern can prevent the child from congestion because the child cannot turn his position into the sleeping bag and remains on his back throughout the sleep.

Family Road Trip Safety Tips

12Road Trip is a fun time for the entire family, especially the kids who look forward to such holidays. While the destination does not matter in road trips as the journey is more interesting, it is necessary that certain precautions are taken to make the journey a safe one. Before taking the road trip, it is necessary that family remains safe but also does not miss out on the fun.

Check the vehicle

For a smooth uninterrupted road trip, it is necessary to check that the vehicle is in good working condition. Experts recommend that one should get the tires, belts, air conditioner, fluids and the battery checked by an experienced mechanic.

Ensure the destination

While the road trip is an absolute fun with the family, even then it becomes essential to check the destination. Traveling all the way to a place to find out that it is closed for some reason is a dampener on the mood. It is necessary to ensure about the destination.

Good night’s sleep

When heading for a trip, families are busy packing stuff for the journey till wee hours. However, they should make sure that the packing is done in advance and both parents and kids get a good night’s sleep before the journey. This will double up the fun and ensure that the person driving the car is not sleepy during the journey.

Pack the right food

While some families pack a large amount of foodstuff enough to last for a season, others are not really prepared with the food part. Some people think that they might get options on the highway hotels. However, keeping some crumbly food to keep the kids busy is always a safe option.

Things to pack

Families should prepare an emergency kit before heading out on a road trip. The kit should include water, a working flashlight, flares, warm blankets, jumper cables, a charged cell phone, tools for changing the tire and most importantly a comprehensive first aid kit.

Take short breaks

Road journey can be tiring for some, especially the kids and the pets. Small breaks during the journey to stretch the arms and legs help ensure that there are no pains faced later. Families can stop the car at a park or a hotel for a few minutes before resuming the journey.

Watch the seat belts

Often, families let the kids slip out of the seat belts or shoulder straps for a break or nap. However, parents should always refrain from such acts and make sure that their best convertible car seats are in place. Seat belts do not work properly in case of an accident if they are not worn properly.

Do not drink and drive

This should be the first safety tip in the list. Many traffic fatalities during the holidays are the result of drunk driving. It is necessary that families refrain from drunk driving at all costs. A fun family road trip can turn into a mishap in no time with drunk driving.


Road trips are a sure shot way to come together and enjoy as a family. However, taking care of the safety of entire family should be a priority. This will ensure that there are just good memories of the trip.